About Oguri & Ishiguro Law

In 1965, Takao OGURI established OGURI Law Office. His younger brother Atsuki OGURI joined him a few years later.  In 1989, Shigeji ISHIGURO, former associate, joined them, establishing OGURI & ISHIGURO Law Offices. We have been litigation lawyers with our main activity representing our clients before courts.  However, recently, we are taking care of more and more out-of-court cases.

Shigeji ISHIGURO has more than 33 years experience as a litigation lawyer.

  • He has an expertise on corporate governance and legal ethics.  He has been a member of the Committee on Foreign Lawyers and International Legal Practices, Committee on Legal Ethics and Committee on International Activities of the Japan Federation of Bar Associations.
  • He was invited as a speaker at many workshops on legal ethics in Jakarta, Bangkok, Ulaanbaatar, Beijing, Istanbul and Tokyo.
  • He has co-authored a textbook on legal ethics, “The Law and Ethics of Jurists,” published by University of Nagoya Press.
  • He had been an adjunct Professor on civil law at Aichi Shukutoku University in Nagoya.
  • He also had served as a labor dispute mediator at Aichi Labor Bureau for several years.
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